"NO." - Rosa Parks

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I live in an island, so yesterday we had a really bad mist (like silent hill style) around the city ‘cause of the ocean and things like that. So what happened to show up inside of the mist? THIS DUDE! THIS DUDE SHOWED UP FROM NOWHERE WEARING THIS SILENT HILL PYRAMID HEAD COSPLAY AND JUST STOOD THERE! IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF THE STREET! FUCK! I ALMOST DIED WHEN I SAW THAT! To make it worst it was 2AM!

Somewhere on this island, a cosplayer saw the mist roll in and thought “My time has come…”

oh my god perfection



When an American hears the degrees in Celsius


When everyone else hears the degrees in Fahrenheit


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10th grade our first assignment in our multimedia class was to photoshop ourselves in this picture and make it look authentic
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